"Sol Connection brings kinetic energy, immense talent, and one of the most danceable live shows around."

- Greer Pair, Entertainment Director, Adobe Bar at the Historic Taos Inn

Fresh. Fun. Amazing. That’s how the audience describes Sol Connection’s upbeat world music. Danceable originals and a few tasty covers keep restaurant patrons and festival goers asking for more. Positive crowd response gets the band invited back to play at venues and private parties again and again. The fusion of pop, ska, and Latin beats in a high-energy, positive package is playful and entertaining. Songs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese accompanied with accordion, melodica, guitar, bass, drums and percussion make for an engaging, memorable experience.

The band sounds like a combination of Talking Heads, Manu Chao, the Police, Annie Lennox and Los Lobos.

"Sol Connection took the crowd by storm."

- Jerry Schwartz, co-founder, Roots + Wires Presents

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"Sol Connection’s original songs are captivating and catchy."

-Ariana Kramer, music reporter, The Taos News. Read the full article here.


Hailing from Colorado, New Mexico, and Argentina, the four musicians who make up Sol Connection combine their love for ska and Latin rhythms into an original and tight package that makes for great listening and irresistible dancing. Cumbia, ska, bossa, reggaeton, samba, and cha-cha-cha infuse the band's originals and covers.

Sol Connection plays at venues and private parties throughout northern New Mexico and Colorado.

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